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3 Things to Check when Buying a Dash Camera

3 Things to Check when Buying a Dash Camera

The dash camera industry has gained so much popularity among car owners these days. They’re not just a fad that would probably go away after a while. For a relatively low cost, motorists can get a lot of benefits from this automotive accessory.

YI dash camera

Installing a dash cam on your car gives you confidence in having a backup in the unfortunate event that you find yourself involved in an accident. Videos from a dash cam can show what actually happened during an incident, and by watching this footage, authorities can determine who’s really at fault. If you’re the victim, there’s no way that the other driver could point a finger at you and blame you for the accident if you have proof of what occurred.

It’s because of simple and practical reasons like this that a lot of car owners want to invest in a good dash camera. There are tons of options out there, which is a good thing. However, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose from a wide array. To help you find the best dash cam for you, here are three main things that you need to consider.

Video quality

Make sure to get a high-definition camera (720p or 1080p). It would be a bit pointless to get a dash camera that can’t shoot in HD. If the videos aren’t clear, it may just be difficult to make out the details; your dash cam would only fail in serving its purpose especially if you want to use it as evidence in relation to an accident.

Test the product before buying it. It’s easy for some brands to claim that their dash cams have superb video quality, so you shouldn’t simply take their word for it. Try to search videos from actual users and watch them (if you can, it’s best to watch in full screen and at the highest resolution). Also, look for night videos. Cheaper dash cams can easily produce decent videos with daylight, but when you use them in low-light conditions, they don’t really perform well.


The processor is basically the CPU of the dash cam, and it tells a lot about a camera’s capability to capture recordings. With an efficient processor, you can rest assured that your dash cam will give out crisp images even in fast-paced situations without eating up too much of storage space. Of course, the quality of the lens and CMOS sensor are also essential components that work hand in hand with the processor.


Ideally, you should opt for smaller dash cams. It would even be better to get a camera with a simple design as it’s less noticeable and less distracting. However, smaller dash cams usually don’t have screens, and while most people can do away with this feature, you might want to assess for yourself how important it is for your dash cam to have a screen.

If you’re still at a loss about which dash cam to buy, Yi Smart Dash Camera is definitely worth checking out. It’s packed with awesome features that help produce clear images, and it also has a sleek design that offers both style and convenience.