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Welcome to Deepknowhow Media Kit built for advertising purpose.

Deepknowhow is a technology and computing based content website that publishes articles on latest technology trends, startups, gadgets, web resources, how-to guides, social media, website tips, blogging and reviews on latest electronics and website products. To know more, visit Deepknowhow About page.

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Our Belief and Growth

My name is Sarvesh, administrator and editor of I made this website for the basic purpose of serving our visitors and readers with informational content that is useful and having value for them. As our domain name suggests, this website believes in true knowledge of every topic we cover in our articles. Every post is a well written high quality article giving a good reading experience to our readers. The website has a clean layout with tidy fonts and blocks.
Talking about growth, this website (a blog) is getting loved by many of its readers who turn into followers and give full trust to its content. Deepknowhow was started in September 2012 and has gained a reputation of page rank 2 and domain authority of 30 in nearly 3 years till date.

Quality Never Compromised

As we publish out our articles and reviews, we make sure every content meets our required quality measures.

  • Content to be more than 500 words in length.
  • Content to have enough information and solutions to the topic.
  • No spelling or grammar mistakes to be present within content.
  • No duplicacy of any kind, however proper credits are given to anyone else’s work.

Website Statistics

Alexa Rank : 144,133 (Global) and 11,000 (United States)
Domain Authority : 30 (Moz)
Google PageRank : 2 (homepage)
Homepage Authority : 32 (Moz)
Google+ : 1033 followers
Facebook Page : 562 fans
Twitter : 69 followers

Traffic Statistics

Monthly Visits : 15,000+ (83.5% organic search visitors)
Monthly Pageviews : 17,000+

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Demographics : Age
18 to 34 yrs – 65%
35 to 44 yrs – 19%
Rest – 16%

Demographics : Gender
Male – 78%
Female – 22%

Display Ads

The available sizes and their locations are specified below.

728 x 90 ad size – Header slot – $50.00 per month
468 x 60 ad size – Header slot – $50.00 per month
160 x 600 ad size – Sidebar slot – $40.00 per month
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Sponsored Product Reviews

For sponsored product review submission, there is a fee of $30.00 per review. To have a look at our product reviews, proceed here. We have a very high conversion rates.

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