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Christmas Gifts Your Car Will Love You For

Christmas Gifts Your Car Will Love You For

Is your car your best friend? Does your car feel like a neglected spouse that only receives attention when you want something? If it is true that you get what you pay for or that you get out of life what you put into it, then it may be time to take your car to the garage for some couple’s therapy. When you are driving down the highway, it is easy to spot the car owners who invest their time and money into taking care of their automobiles.

The paint is always clean and shiny, the wheels sparkle, and you cannot help but notice the gleam in the driver’s eyes. With a little bit of time and money, you too can rebuild the relationship you have with your car. With the Christmas season moving right along, there are several gifts that your car could love you for as a christmas gift.

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Get in the Season

Everyone has seen the commercial with the pretty bow wrapped around the new car as it is delivered to its new owner. A bow is not always the best answer, especially when you have owned your car for a while. There are other things that may, however, be more rewarding to your car. With the Christmas season comes the Christmas weather.

Depending on your zip code you may experience severe cold weather with its snow and ice or simply cooler air and all its glory with rain and moisture. When you decide to invest in your car, give it the tools it needs to be successful in the inclement weather, starting with tires.

The right tires will give you better traction on the road providing an additional layer of security and protection. Some cars can meet the needs of their owners with an all-weather tire in place of snow only tires. Although inclement weather tires can be bulky and detract from the total image of the car, It is not wise to sacrifice safety for aesthetics. Try to strike a balance for your car when selecting tires.

One gift your car will love is a set of lightweight alloy rims. Some rims are made of thick steel and make your car work harder to go the distance costing you fuel economy and increasing the wear and tear on your vehicle.


Your car will benefit greatly from some modifications to your light systems. You can add fog lights to the front, a reverse light, or even lights over the cab for a rustic look. The auto industry has several companies that design LED lights that last longer and burn brighter with cleaner colors that draw positive attention to your vehicle. In addition, there are light bars that can be formed to go on your license plate, under the chassis, on the mirrors, and so on.

In addition to external lights, you can install small LED fixtures to the underside of the dash to light your foot pedal area, neon lights in the instrument panel, and so on. The options are limited only by your imagination.

One of the latest trends in lights is the installation of designer light covers that help protect the light assemblies and add a type of contemporary look to your ride. Light covers tend to be very sharp in appearance and distinguish your vehicle from other makes and models with the same general appearance. There are very few items that can impact the appearance of the car in such a profound way at such a low cost.

Service Your Vehicle

With the change in the weather, it is a good idea to go ahead and replace your oil and filters and perform a general tune up. The oil tends to thicken up with the cooler weather and becomes a little harder to circulate through the engine until the engine warms up.

The colder the weather the greater the risk if you face of causing significant engine damage. Installing a remote start will allow you to start your engine and warm it up before putting it to work. Talk to your service technician or read the owner’s manual to determine if you can use a little bit thinner oil in the winter. It is best to change the oil filter every time you change the oil. The debris in the oil filter can make the oil pressure too low to lubricate the engine.

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Moisture can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your air filter. The air filter needs to be clean and dry in order to work properly. Moisture that comes in through the air intake goes through the motor causing corrosion and rust. As the moisture saturates the air filter it traps dirt in the filter and eventually hardens the filter to the point of that it is ineffective. The air filter is another example of a low price repair that has a positive, tangible return on investment.

Take care of your car and make sure to listen to it. Build a relationship with your car through the owner’s manual and the service department. Your car will reward you with years of faithful service and a gleam in your eye as you maintain that sense of pride as you cruise down the road.