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How to Gear Up For an Exceptional Mobile UI/UX

How to Gear Up For an Exceptional Mobile UI/UX

The UX design process involves creating a mobile app design that is delightful to interact with and offers an easy and useful user experience. It consists of interaction elements, content, as well as a sound design that brings into the picture the entire customer journey. UX also consists of designing the user experience on devices that users have before, during, and after using the mobile app. In this article, we will discuss some elements of UX design followed by the best practices.

The Elements of a Good UX Design

  • Usefulness: The app must fulfill the users’ preferences and needs.
  • Usability: The app should be as easy and swift as possible.
  • Attractive: The app design must evoke positive emotions and affinity. Users should want to use the app.
  • Discoverable: Navigating the app must be easy. Moreover, users should find important details quickly.
  • Accessible: Disabled users, such as users with poor eyesight, should be able to use the system and get a similar UX as normal users.

UI/UX best practices

  1. For a great mobile UX design, you need to structure the content in mobile screens in just one column. Users have to scroll down to view the content. Decide the information that is important and should make it to the main screen in the app. If something is irrelevant or unimportant, place it below the menu or on a different page.
  2. Mobile devices let users have the option of changing the orientation of the screen if they wanted to. Certain users use their phones vertically, and others do it horizontally. Some prefer to use their phones with one thumb. Therefore, the bigger the screen size, the fewer areas can be reached easily with the thumb. Make the mobile app design in two different orientations for a smooth UX. Arrange the primary features or icons in the areas reachable by the thumb.
  3. Mobile devices do not have a mouse or a keyboard to use. Users should be able to use their mobile screens to write or choose elements. For typing anything, a keyboard should be offered to them.
  4. Mobile phones offer more personalization as compared to desktops. The fact that users can access the app anywhere enables an understanding that an app must be easy to use outdoors. Design the app with high-contrast shades to ensure readability even in bright daylight.

To make sure you follow each and every aspect of a good UX design, it is important that you partner with the experts in UI/UX. Get in touch with one of the best UI/UX development companies, to get the most out of the contemporary design practices and user behavior.