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One-Stop Guide to Gemstone Jewelry

One-Stop Guide to Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry is something people wear every day, beautifully showcasing their personalities and representing what’s important to us. It’s a personal touch, a source of pride, and a way to keep close to those we love. Gemstone jewelry comes in many different shapes and sizes but generally shares the common characteristics of raw beauty and high appreciation.

The fine gemstone jewelry is hand-selected from around the world. First-rate craftsmanship and timeless designs make these yellow tiger eye beads ideal for adding a wealth of elegance to your wardrobe. We have many types of stone jewelry to choose from, including amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, diamonds, emeralds, garnets, jade, moonstones (coral), opals and many others! Gemstones are known for the healing properties that they possess and have been used in jewelry since the dawn of civilization.

What Colors Do Gemstones Come In?

Gemstones come in all shapes and sizes. The most common colors of gemstones are blue, brown, green, yellow, red, and purple. There is a high probability that you will find the color that you want among those listed above and even more colors which are not yet discovered. Gemstones can be found in all colors of the rainbow.

What are the Different Gemstones Available?

The following is a list of some common and popular gemstones you might find in jewelry today.

Amethyst: This is a type of quartz that is usually purple or blue. It is believed to repel negative energy and ward off curses.

Aquamarine: This is a type of clear to a bluish-green mineral that is crystallized in a hexagonal prism. It is believed to be able to help with healing wounds on the body while also holding its beauty better.

Bloodstone: This is an opaque red stone that holds beautiful properties such as healing and protecting. It can also repel negativity from one’s aura.

Diamond: Unlike other types of gemstones, diamonds are extremely hard and have unique properties in them such as strength, fire resistance, and light reflection.

Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones

Stones are one of the most commonly used materials in day-to-day life. To improve health, people use gemstones like turquoise to help with concentration, and ruby to help with love. Gems are also used in jewelry to enhance a woman’s beauty or a man’s style, and they have been found dating back thousands of years.

Cut and Polished Gems

“Cut and polished gems” has the same meaning in the jewelry business as “polished gems.” The general concept refers to a gemstone that is cut, or sawed into thin slices, and then polished without any cracks or flaws.

A “cut and polished gemstone” is also referred to as an “almond-shaped gemstone.” When a particular type of diamond is cut, it produces this shape. In contrast to this style of diamond cutting, some cuts are known as marquises with their characteristic curved shape.

Gemstone Jewelry & Where It Can Be Used?

A gemstone is an object made from precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, or platinum that has been cut and polished to take on the characteristic of a gem. Almost all gemstones are used for jewelry and ornamentation purposes. It’s up to you whether or not you want to wear them on your body because they have been proven to provide beneficial effects such as attracting money and love. But if you don’t want them in your body, they make beautiful additions to home decorating.

Metaphysical Qualities

Many people believe that metaphysical qualities are the senses or feelings that cannot be seen or touched but are still present. Metaphysical qualities are often associated with the spiritual world and a person’s relationship to God and nature.

There can also be negative metaphysical qualities such as self-loathing, fear, or anger. These emotions can lead to self-destruction.


Each month, the traditional birthstones for that month are revealed to you! But what are birthstones, and why do we assign them to each month?

Mother’s Rings

Mother’s rings are a beautiful way to honor your mother and all she does for you. The stones in the ring typically signify something about the person who receives the ring. But it is up to you how you want to personalize it with different gemstones or other accents.

Charoite – symbolizes true love, friendship and compassion – this gemstone is especially good for creating a very pleasant atmosphere for the user. It is believed to balance one’s emotions and make them more receptive to positive feelings.

Gemstone Jewelry prices

Gemstones are a beautiful way to express your individuality and add a personal touch to anything you wear. Here we will discuss the meanings behind different gemstones, their prices, and why they make such lovely pieces of jewelry.

What Are the Different Types of Natural Gemstones?

There are three main types of natural gemstones that can be found: precious stones, semi-precious stones, and translucent stones. When you find valuable gemstone jewelry or other great pieces of jewelry to wear, chances are it contains one or all of these types of natural gemstone jewelry.

The three main types are:

  1. Precious stones – When you hear the word “precious” used in conjunction with gemstones, it is referring to the rarest and most expensive gemstones in the world. Precious stones are those that are very difficult or nearly impossible to find on their own in nature. Rather, they must be man-made through an intricate process of cutting and polishing. This includes rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds which all come from different depths of the earth and have different characteristics.
  2. Semi-Precious stones – When you hear the word “semi precious” used in conjunction with gemstones, it is referring to rarer gemstones that aren’t as rare and expensive as precious stones. Semi-precious stones are those that are most often found on their own in nature. The most common semi-precious stone is alexandrite which comes from Madagascar and is more affordable than some of the other precious stones such as rubies or emeralds.
  3. Translucent stones – Translucent gems are those that are actually made up of many different colored and transparent pieces of crystal all mixed together. You can find pieces of these stones in nature but they are most often created using a special process in the manufacturing of man-made gems.

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