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How to optimize your health while you're quarantined at home

How to optimize your health while you're quarantined at home

Doctors recommend to have an outdoor walk daily for staying healthy. Now due to the threat of COVID-19, during quarantine at home, people can’t follow their routine.

Here are some tips by to optimize your health while you are quarantined at home.

1. Calm your Nervous System

Isolation at home during the pandemic can make you feel overwhelmed or flustered. It is recommended to calm down your nerves in such a situation. Breathing slowly and deeply will reset the whole nervous system and you will feel relaxed.

2. Meditate yourself

Different meditation techniques will help you to get through your time in a useful way. You can try yoga or long baths. There is no restriction in choosing a meditation technique. Choose anything you like most and that makes you feel relaxed.

3. Boost energy through Routine

Having a routine to get through the day is a great idea when quarantined at home. You can schedule your time according to the routine activities. It is better to tweak with your routine, it will create a bit of change and excitement for you in all the boredom you are going through.

4. Social Connection

Being alone at home with no social connection is the story of the past. Now you can connect with people anytime anywhere using technology. To keep yourself busy and engaged try to connect with as many people as possible. Talking with them on different things will reduce the feeling of loneliness during quarantine.

5. Manage your health Conditions

You may have other health problems such as blood pressure, diabetes, or asthma. These chronic health problems may make it harder for you to recover from COVID-19 if fell sick. You need to make sure that all of such health problems are being taken care of properly.

6. Keep COVID-19 Out of Home

You are not going out and staying at home to avoid COVID-19 transmission. What if COVID-19 comes to your home. So it is very important to map out a protocol to ensure COVID-19 stays out of your home.

Wash your hand, disinfect everything that you bring home from the supermarket or pharmacy. Follow the guidelines of the health department.

7. Keep Cooking at Home

Stick with your habit of cooking at home while in isolation during this pandemic. Home food is always a healthier choice as compared to takeout food. But it becomes more important during isolation. You are trying to keep yourself healthy and away from the doctor as much as possible so keep cooking at home.

8. Eat with Intention

Eat with intention is two in one activity. It not only makes the food tasty and healthy for you but also keeps you relaxed. Mindful eating helps you to focus on your food when you are eating and nothing else.

It will eliminate all the negative thoughts in your mind at the time of eating when quarantined at home. Chewing the food slowly and properly will make it easy to digest.