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How Wearables Will Influence Mobile Apps?

How Wearables Will Influence Mobile Apps?

The mobile technology revolution is ought to change the dynamics of mobile application development. More specifically, IoT will enable these gadgets to work as remote controllers for other devices. This will mark the emergence of newer trends that every mobile app must adhere to. Wearables actively enable people to cope with the routine challenges linked to various aspects of fitness, media, education, healthcare, etc. In this blog, we will see some changes that adapting to wearables will bring to a mobile app.

The most notable changes in app development would include:

Conciseness in information: With the wearables app, UI for device apps must have just the information needed to be presented to the consumer. It also involves the way the wearable devices will receive alerts, and they must be very concise.

Changing Screen Sizes: With the screen real estate becoming smaller with wearables, a more amicable interface with crisp details is desired. This seems like an important area, enterprises must look out for.

Responsiveness: For enhanced interactivity, the apps must be more responsive and usable on multiple device types. Slow apps could become a real burden and may be despised by the users. They would prefer using traditional apps if that is the case.

e-Payment apps: Near Field Communication Technology or NFC has been a breakthrough in the finance industry. This technology connects a smartphone or device with credit cards, debit cards, and other assets. This is going to be one of the most notable trends in wearables, as enterprises, as well as consumers, will need more apps to get equipped with e-payment gateways. With a wireless network connection, users can flash their devices near the terminal transacting instantly.

Interactivity: Wearable must be responsive to voice commands as well as gestures. It could be a tipping point, particularly in mobile app development.


The discussed points are just a sneak peek into the areas where changes would happen in mobile application development. Technologies including cloud services, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, will further fuel the persistence of wearables in mobile application development with their highly functional use cases. To get the first-mover advantage in the trend, get in touch with a wearables app development company.