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The Most Common Car Related Fights Couples Have

The Most Common Car Related Fights Couples Have

Having a car can be a convenience, but it can also be a source of stress sometimes. If you and your partner own a car there is a good chance that you have had at least one argument that is related to it.

There are a lot of factors that are involved in owning a vehicle and a lot of areas in which you can disagree with your significant other. These are just a few of the common fights that couples can have that are related to the car. It is important to listen to each other and focus on communication so that you can reach a happy resolution.

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You’re Driving Like a Maniac!

In a relationship, there is often one partner who is a much more conservative driver than the other partner. This means that when a more daring driver is at the wheel the other person will feel a little bit nervous. Every time they speed up, merge into traffic or pull a slightly risky move the other partner will tense up and might start berating them for their dangerous driving – even if it is only dangerous in comparison. This difference in driving styles can make things very tense and can make every road trip a stressful experience for both.

How to avoid this? One strategy is to make sure that a more careful driver is always at the wheel whenever you are both in the car together. The other strategy is for the more risky driver to adjust their habits whenever their significant other is in the car so that they don’t make them nervous. Also, the nervous driver can take a deep breath, relax and remind themselves that they are simply driving around town and not on a Formula 1 race track.

The Car is Filthy!

In your partnership, who is the messy one and who is the tidy one? Couples often fight because one is more slovenly than the other and this applies to the car as well as the house. If you are lackadaisical about cleaning out the car but your partner is a neat freak you can be sure that this will cause some conflict.

In this situation, it is better to default to the preferences of the tidier partner. This is because a car that is kept clean will have a much higher resale value and is also a much healthier environment to be in. Keep a rubbish bin in the front seat and use rubber floor mats to protect your floors. You can also get hatchbag car boot protectors to shield the boot of your car from spills and mud whenever you transport something messy. There are boot liners designed to fit any make and model of car including Audi boot liners, Ford boot liners and Land Rover boot liners.

We Can’t Afford That Car!

Another common time when couples fight about cars is when it comes to making the purchase. One person will have their heart set on a dream car that is out of the budget and the other person will be begging them to come to their senses. This can be a sign of a bigger issue in the relationship – if you aren’t on the same page when it comes to money matters you can find yourselves in a lot of stressful situations in the future.

Before you start shopping for a vehicle it is important to make a budget and agree to it. Do this before you even start to look at cars, so that you don’t risk falling in love with something that is out of your budget. Once you and your partner have reached an amount that you both agree on, you can find a car that they are happy with that won’t make you bankrupt.

These are just a few of the examples of the most common fights that couples have about their vehicles. If you and your partner have a fight that doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed, it just means that you have a difference of opinion. Communication is the key, so be patient and figure it out so that you can agree on a compromise that makes you both happy.