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Tips for a Successful Mobile Ecommerce UI Strategy

Tips for a Successful Mobile Ecommerce UI Strategy

Online commerce is not easy, but with so convenient product listing or showcase of products and low costs to its tech development, similar updates can benefit a business by huge margins.

It would cater suitably for your loyal customers and so should you consider your business to try an online presence with a mobile app or a website and increase sales.

Now, before you start building a modernized mobile app, some key elements should be taken care of for a better user interface and user experience.

Simple and interactive navigation and UI

User Interface is the first thing that users experience when an eCommerce app is launched. Here are some tips to enhance it:

  • Avoid complex designs and text or animation overload.
  • Use easy eye color themes like monochromatic, analogous, etc.
  • Make sure products can be bought with minimal possible clicks.

Quick login and checkout

  • Avoid asking customers about their personal details until necessary for security reasons.
  • The buttons for payment and check-out should be placed in a thumb-friendly zone.
  • Give users the functionality to modify or change orders.
  • Use social media logins like Facebook or Google.
  • Use autofill fields.
  • Employ error alerts to avoid any unsuccessful orders against typos and incomplete information.

Optimize cart button placement

  • The cart must be clearly visible to users for quick addition of products.
  • Product screens should have visibly clear and big ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Buy Now buttons.
  • Ensure that users can easily add or remove the items from the cart.

Minimal Input

Ensure all the elements and buttons in the app are placed in a reachable zone as it will ease efforts and ensure quick buying for buyers.

Here are the buttons that should be placed in the thumb-friendly zone:

  • Add to cart.
  • Proceed button that leads from cart to checkout.
  • Pay button at the checkout screen.
  • Apply a smart search that will auto-suggest products with the first few letters of the product typed by the users.

Loading Speed

A slight delay in page rendering could cause a decrease in customer satisfaction by up to 11%. Try to make use of responsive layout, image compression tools, and quick loading elements to reduce loading latency.

The best practices for eCommerce mobile app development are endless. These are just a few of the basic ones that need to be taken care of. It is recommended that you get in touch with professional web design and development services to get started with your digital consumer experience journey.