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Top 4 Cameras for Father's Day

Top 4 Cameras for Father's Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching and he’s already got hundreds of ties, a shaving kit and a nice watch, so why not get something he’s going to really appreciate. Here’s a list of the top 4 cameras for every dad.

  • For the “Put-your-seat-belt-on” Dad

dash camIt’s the Papago P2 Pro dash cam, built for professional drivers but easy to setup and easy-to-use. It will automatically save your footage the moment it detects a collision and even sends a quick alert if dad has forgotten to turn his headlights on. It will even notify you during long drives with the nifty Driver Fatigue Alarm. It’s the perfect gift for the dad’s that love to drive, but it comes at a price.

Pros: Has cool features like Advanced Driver Assistance (ADA), it’s LCD screen makes it easy to use and it will make dad’s car look super awesome!

Cons: Because it’s packed with a bundle of features and a 2.4” screen it makes it very big, so might look a bit silly in a two-door hatchback car.

Approximate Price: $145 (Price based on Amazon US)


  • For the “Did-you-turn-the-cooker-off?” Dad

Pet Surveillance Camera

The Vimtag 361 HD is Safewise endorsed and has a resolution of 720p, with a live feed to your smartphone, tablet and PC. So wherever you are you can check in on your home. Although it’s not the highest quality camera on the market it still has pet monitoring, nanny cam, vacation home monitoring and other nice functions. Remote pan and tilt allow you to view almost every corner of the room, and it has clear two-way voice and audio, so dad can communicate with his loved ones even away from the home. Now he won’t have to worry who’s up to what, or where the dog is!

Pros: Remote live view, motion detection alerts and has an excellent Wi-Fi connection so he can always see what’s going on, wherever he is!

Cons: Poor competition for the 1080p home cams, and not suitable for outdoors.

Approximate Price: $89.95 (Price based on Amazon US)


  • For the “Get-up-we’re-going-on-an-adventure” Dad

Action Camera

The YI 4K+ is an action camera he’s not going to want to put down on Father’s Day. It can shoot in 4K/60fps and weighs less the 3.5 ounces. YI have used some really advanced technology to build it with, so you know it’s going to last. It’s also got voice control so even if his hands are occupied he can still send voice commands, and the YI 4K+ will respond. If your dad loves to be outdoors living like he’s 21, then this is the perfect gift for him.

Pros: It’s currently the only action camera to shoot in 4K at 60 frames per second. Has Voice Control, RAW image, Electronic Image Stabilization and other features like Live Streaming coming later (with a firmware update.)

Cons: Not waterproof without in-housing (but does come with a waterproof case), expensive but still cheaper than the high-end GoPro

Approximate Price: $339.98 with waterproof case (Price based on Amazon US)


  • For the “Stand-a-little-bit-to-the-left” Dad


If your budget allows it then he’s really going to love the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000, not sure what all those letters and numbers mean, but it’s a great camera! It produces incredibly good photos and videos, with a brilliant electronic viewfinder. It’s certainly not designed for the beginners, but if your dad is an avid photographer then this will make a perfect companion for travel photography and capturing life’s great moments.

Pros: Amazing image quality, has lots of awesome feature settings to experiment with and a 25-400mm zoom lens.

Cons: Single fixed lens, so if he’s a true pro it will lack the flexibility of an interchangeable lens camera.

Approximate Price: $697.99 (Price based on Amazon US)