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Why You’ll Love The IPhone 6 Plus

Why You’ll Love The IPhone 6 Plus

The latest premium iPhone is not just outperforming Apple’s earlier releases, but it’s also certainly delivering more than the other smartphones on the market. When it comes to design, the bigger but flatter iPhone 6 Plus, Kuwait retailers say, easily meets the aesthetics and “feel” requirements that today’s users have.

That size or proportion isn’t all, however. The iPhone 6 Plus offers so much more when it comes to features and fun tricks. So for everyone who spends a lot of time tinkering with their handheld phones, the latest Apple phone offering is certainly a good investment to make.

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And speaking of tricks that you can pull off with the iPhone 6 Plus, the following are just some that you should definitely try — and for sure, they will change your life.

  1. Scan Credit Card – You will no longer have to type in your credit card information with this functionality. Just take a picture of your credit card for quicker online payments.
  2. Check battery usage – This will allow you to see which apps are open and consuming your battery life.
  3. Charge using an iPad charger – If you want to charge your phone’s battery faster, use your iPad charger instead.
  4. Customize your apps on display – The iPhone 6 Plus has a bounty of apps and they’re all on display when you purchase the phone. But if you only want the most relevant apps on your screen, just go to Settings, and then General, and then Restrictions – you can toggle off the apps you don’t want on display.
  5. Restore deleted photos – The iPhone 6 Plus has a Recently Deleted folder and all images that were deleted recently or accidentally go straight to this folder; you can recover all the images you want.
  6. Set view to landscape – Make viewing your home screen easier with bigger images in landscape mode. The iPhone 6 Plus landscape mode app makes it function more like an iPad which offers a more comfortable viewing experience.
  7. Make videos go in slow motion – People use this because sometimes, they’re just more fun and you can see details better. You can accomplish this by choosing the slow-mo option in the built-in camera app and toggle between 120 or 240 FPS. Edit by positioning the sliders.
  8. Respond to a text without leaving an app – Just swipe down on the text notification and send a reply.
  9. Get Siri to name a tune – If you’re listening to a song and you wish to know its title, just get Siri to find out.