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5 Things of Ferrari GTC4 LUSSO You Should Know About

5 Things of Ferrari GTC4 LUSSO You Should Know About

The name’s Ferrari GTC4 LUSSO and is a strong spec Geneva reveal for the Ferrari’s 335kph FF facelift. This may be the last naturally aspirated Ferrari GT that seems sonorous.

1. Looks a bit different from the FF

It’s not a big change, the profile is the same, but with a positive change. The FF accommodates 4 people and lots of luggage easily, and so shall its GTC4 Lusso replacement.

Ferrari gtc4 lussoIMAGE: YouTube

The little or big tweaks that have been made are very successful. The new grille yields cooling, the subtle roof spoiler adds aero and the return to the double-ring rear lights suits it beautifully to the GTC4’s 456 ancestor.

2. Big Thumbs Up to the Ferrari Tech Box

The car highlights all the current trending tech compilations of the Ferrari. It combines the FF’s 4-wheel drive with rear-wheel steering as you’ll find it on the F12tdf while there is a new evolution of the Side Slip control that makes the 488GTB so aggressive.

Besides the chassis, there is a new 10.2 inch HD touchscreen with CarPlay.

3. Great Power without Turbos

The GTC4 is about 30bhp up on the FF with the 680bhp of net power. There’s an uplift in torque by a small margin, keeping with the grand touring vibe in its 697Nm, but to get that all amount of torque, you need to nudge about 6000 revs.

4. Still more of a GT

Ferrari favourite magnetorheological dampers ensure that GTC4 is comfortable and sharp in togetherness. Seats sportingly seem to wrap around, which even rear passengers like.

As per the sayings of Ferrari, the owners of FF traveled 30 percent more kilometers than drivers of its other models, and the 4 seater successor certainly appears to bear that in mind.

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5. It’ll help you scare your passengers

The display right in front of your cocooned passengers is the only real fly in the ointment. Ferrari describes it as a “generous optional display with a plethora of functions”. One of these is a display of your revs, g-force, and speed.

You’ll be happy to know its 1-100kph timing and that is a competitive 3.4 seconds.