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Ferrari LaFerrari hybrid supercar at Geneva Motor Show 2013

Ferrari LaFerrari hybrid supercar at Geneva Motor Show 2013

Ferrari LaFerrari

Image Source: RomainBihore

The First Hybrid with 963 Grand Horse Power Called as Ferrari LaFerrari Hybrid Supercar

The Ferrari LaFerrari hybrid supercar from Ferrari has been the highlight of the 2013 Geneva Motor Show attracting each individual having a glimpse of it. The successor of the Enzo is the most ambitious project for Ferrari so far and so been the main show.The first hybrid with 963 Horsepower and the most efficient aerodynamic design with the special HY-KERS system powertrain drawing together finest expressions in technical areas of both GT and Formula 1 engineering beating all its predecessor behind.

The 6262cc V12 engine produces 800 CV and electric motor with further 163 CV sum to be 963 CV. HY-KERS system in the powertrain helped lower its centre of gravity and acquires optimal integration between V12 and the electric motor for a perfect blend of extreme performance with efficiency. It has torque over 900 Nm.

It combines 800 Horsepower by the combustion engine and additional 163 Horsepower by the electric engine to have a grand total of 963 Horsepower with 9250 RPM. It claims to achieve 0-62 mph (0-100 kmph) in just under 3 seconds and surpass 124 mph (200 kmph) in under 7 seconds with Top Speed of 217 mph (350 kmph).

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Much comparable to the F1 car for F1 dual-clutch gearbox coupled with electric motor, torque density and efficiency (94%) as with the electric motor designed to employ High Specific Power Density technology which reduced weight and volume to the available torque. The Lower section of the tail features of carbon fiber effectively.

This limited edition production is limited to just 499 units of it, around 100 units more than Enzo, particularly for the Asian market, especially China but a huge amount of demands requests more than 1000 as per its popularity and pre-orders suggest.

Price expected to be around $1.3 million.

The epitome of Ferrari with Laferrari and its predecessors continues to integrate the dynamics of its machines with the efficient technologies to get a perfect showcase of unimagined power to show us all.

Ferrari LaFerrari Pics

LaFerrari Back

Image Source: RomainBihore

LaFerrari Back Photo

Image Source: RomainBihore

LaFerrari Photoshoot

Image Source: RomainBihore