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What is Blogging and the Need of a Blog

What is Blogging and the Need of a Blog

The web is full of opportunities for those who are seeking online attention, and blogging is one such business. The word blog is derived from the word weblog, which means a collection of posts or entries organized in a reverse chronological manner. These entries may be simply words, or images, videos, podcasts, or any other embeddable objects.

Blogging can be said to be a medium of interaction to all the people who read your blog posts and appreciate your work, which is improved over time and they start following your posts and you on social media like facebook, twitter and email newsletters for further updates. The blog owner gets all the credit he/she puts in.

It has been so easy to create a blog that you can start publishing your blogging content within minutes. There are many services offering free and paid blog domains like,,,, etc. Just register a domain with a name of your choice and start writing.

You can write on any topic of your interest or on the latest happenings in the world. Be it cars, bikes, book reviews, technology, gadgets or any other niche, you choose which to take on, which goes well for you and your blog. It is totally based upon your interests and your writing skills to write on a particular niche or topic.

It is not necessary to have a niche if you can write on multiple topics and categories altogether. The main thing is to write well and have a good reading experience for your readers.


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A blog mainly contains content which convey all the information. As said, content is king, the content quality and quantity matters the most in a blog post, if optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and relevancy of post content to the post title and central idea makes the article good to read.

Content written by the author is read by the visitors and any query or discussion about the post is made through comments following the article. This comment system gets the users or readers interactive and the author to know about the queries and necessary improvements if needed in the blog post.

Blogging for Companies

The blog is a solution to many companies and web services to promote their products. Organizations make use of a blog to write about the goods or services and the upcoming deals, updates and offerings for the consumers so that they are up to date with the company. Approximately, blogs make 60% of the purchase decisions than magazines and other types of content websites.

Start your blogging journey with these resources:

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Companies who increase blogging, tend to increase their leads. Individual owners may monetize their content articles if they like to with advertising networks. This is also a reason why blogging has become so much popular with individuals. Blogs not only update users about the posts or products but also increases consistent online traffic to their websites. This is an important need for any conversions or leads for a company, or for an individual author.