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Dash Cam Hacks: Hiding the Cables

Dash Cam Hacks: Hiding the Cables

So, you’ve just purchased your very first dash camera and you’re excited to use it. You’ve easily installed in your car but there’s one little problem. The cables are showing and it annoys you. Don’t be upset, here are some tips on hiding the wires while you install your dash cam.

What you need

To do this task, you’ll need three things: cable wires, wire clips and an electrical tape

Connect your dash cam first

Connecting your dash cam is the first thing to do. Choose a good spot wherein you’ll be able to have a clear view in looking at the dash cam, also take into consideration the location of the dash cam. You would also want to point or install the dash cam where you think the camera can have the biggest scope in capturing videos and photos.

Once you’ve established the location for your dash cam, attach it to the desired location. The size of the cords also plays a big part. If you happen to use the YI Smart dash camera, concealing the cables are much easier because of its size and material.

Tuck/Hide the cables/cords above the “lip” of the windshield

If you’re wondering where the “lip” is, it is where the roof of the car meets your windshield. Usually, the cables can be hidden completely in this section of your car. With the use of tapes and clips, this should not pose a problem.

Guide the cord at the end of the headliner and downward curve towards the end of your windshield

Guide the cables through the edge. Once you reach the curve, you may need the help of clips and tape to keep it hidden and curved. This depends on what type of vehicle you use. But normally, this will not be a big challenge.

Guide the cord down the edge of your windshield

Once you guide the cord down the edge of your windshield, make sure you attach it with tape or cable clips. If a glue is available, you can also use this.

Curve and guide the cables towards the dashboard and along the edges

Once you reach the bottom of the edge of the windshield, you’ll end up in the dashboard. You’ll need the clips and tape for this. It’s also an advantage if your tape is the same color as your dashboard so the color would blend in easily.

Wrap the cables around the corner of your frame or dashboard

You need to open the door for this one. Make sure you wrap the cables firmly around the corner of your dashboard. You’ll be lucky if it can be tucked in without the use of tapes or clips. If not, it’s fine. You can use glue or tape for this as well.

Push the cables inside into the frame or moulding and run down the edge

You need to tuck the cables in. If the frame allows it, then that’s good news for us.  However, if there’s difficulty in hiding the cables in this part of your car, it’s not a big deal. This is usually concealed when the door is closed. Technically, the door will hide it for you. You just need to attach it firmly.

Run the cables either under the mat or under the glove compartment

This is up to you. If you think running the cord under the mat is not going to pose any problems, you may do so. The length of the cords may be a factor for this. You can weigh in your options and see that fits you.

Guide the cables to the power source or the cigarette lighter

Conceal it as best as you can.  This section may not hide the cables 100 percent, but it’s understandable. For your safety and guidance, you need to see the cords if they are connected properly to the power source. So this is not a problem.

We hope that these steps were able to provide enough assistance for you to hide the cables or cords of your dash cam. From now on, your dashboard will look sleek and clean. Without the clutter of the cable wires, passengers can assume that your dash cam is originally a part of your dashboard. Sweet!