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Gaming can be good for Brain

Gaming can be good for Brain

On comfy gaming chair and by following rules of ergonomic, gaming can be good for the brain!

Although video gaming has adverse side effects and it is being hot in debate for more than 30 years, just like television, rock and roll and even reading novel faced same criticism in their time.

Purported addiction, increased aggression and many health problems like repetitive strain injuries and obesity tend to get much more coverage by media as compared to its positives. I understand examining both sides, addiction receives more than its social benefits, like online role-playing games.

But there is a lot of research that shows video gaming can put to therapeutic and educational uses. Additionally, various researchers reveal how PC gaming can improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time. For instance, spatial visualization like manipulating 2D or 3D objects and mental rotating improve with PC gaming.

Additionally demonstrating more positive sides of games is found in a study done by Vikranth Bejjanki and his colleagues in National Academy of Sciences. They said that playing action games, like 3 D shoot-em-up and fast speed help in improving cognition, attention, and perception, when provided with the proper environment and best body positioning through special gaming chair that supplement the healthy state of mind.

In many other experiments on 10 to 14 individuals for every experiment, researchers found that individuals who have past experience of playing various action games were found to be better at the perceptual task like pattern discrimination, as compared to gamers who have less experience.

Another study, they trained individuals who had little past experience of action gaming, giving 50 hours training. They found they performed better on perceptual activities as compared to before training.

Enhanced learning of structure and regularity of environment act as a mechanism by which action game influenced perception, cognition, and attention.

Features and Qualities that make PC gaming Potentially Useful?

In an educational context, PC gaming is stimulating yet fun, so it is easier to maintain student’s undivided attention for long.

PC games have the appeal which crosses demographic boundaries, like gender, ethnicity, age as well as education. Games help to set goals or rehearse working to achieve them, reinforcement, feedback, self-esteem or maintaining a record of behavioral changes.

All the brainy help and health is directly relative to the healthy body and posture. A correct game, with most accurate body posture, correct ergonomics on an easy and comfy gaming chair can only guarantee all the above advantages.