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Is It Safe to Install Marco Polo in Your Child's Phone?

Is It Safe to Install Marco Polo in Your Child's Phone?

Marco polo is another app that is making waves these days. Children always seem curious when they hear about a new app in the market. Marco polo also can drive the teens’ attention because it is an instant messaging app based on video clips.

When a user sends the messages, the receiver can respond to that message immediately. There is no long procedure to sign up, but it requires only name, number, email, etc.

It seems funny to the kids to share video with their friends But Is It Safe?

Marco polo app has no safety feature that can prevent your child from interacting with inappropriate content. 

No matter how smart your kid is but online predators know the tricks to trap them. Parents must check on what their kids see online and share, using the Android Spy App.

Let’s Go Deep Down to Learn About the Marco Polo App. 

It is an instant messaging app that shows the different squares to start the conversation. A square can be a single-person chat, or it can be a group of different people. 

Every online person does not reveal their real identity. Your kid can interact with the sexual predator or can share personal stuff. Such stuff sharing often leads to blackmailing and causes anxiety, stress, etc. 

Major Facts 

  • Marco Polo allows the user to add the video filters and let him/her change the voice. It completely changes the video. But remember that your kids can create personal videos and share them with others. 
  • The scariest fact about this app is that it keeps the server’s conversation for an undetermined time. Any user can watch the past videos or can use them as he/she wants. 
  • In safety terms, the Marco Polo app does not bring any threat itself. It gives access to only phone contacts but not to outsiders. But your child may provide the email ID to the strangers on the other platforms, and they contact your kid here. They can watch the videos of your child and can use those clips against them.

Make Your Kids Understand about the Inappropriate Content

It is important to make things clear to your kids regarding chatting apps. They often consider such apps the safest way to share the content. Parents should instruct their teens about the difference between inappropriate and appropriate content. It might be possible that they share their personal videos with their friends. Marco Polo itself saves the conversations on the server and can provide the videos to the user anytime. 

Read Marco Polo Conversations Using Android Spy App

Teens have no idea what to share with their friends. They often get in touch with the sexual predators and send them the data that they ask for.

Android spyware requires installation on the target device. After its activation, parents can track the kids’ screen in real-time and read the conversations

Some advanced apps also allow the parents to manage the installed apps. It requires nothing but a single click to uninstall the app if someone is trying to predate on your child. 

Final Thoughts

Marco polo is the easiest way to create a filtered video with a voice change feature. We can do a lot with such incredible features, but our teens are not safe here.  Parents should allow their teens to download Marco Polo under strict conditions, or their personal content can fall into the wrong hands. Android Spy App offers real-time tracking services at affordable rates that ensure the kids’ online safety.