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Is It Worth It to Purchase Aftermarket Parts for Your Vehicle?

Is It Worth It to Purchase Aftermarket Parts for Your Vehicle?

It can be frustrating to learn that your car is in need of repairs, but it can be even more frustrating to learn how expensive the original equipment manufacturers part costs. Many car owners face the challenge of determining whether it is worth it to take their car to an independent shop instead of to a dealership because there may be more risk associated with repairing the vehicle with an aftermarket part, at least in some scenarios. Here are some tips to help you make a more informed decision when choosing whether aftermarket or original manufacturer car parts will work best for your vehicle and your budget.

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Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts pertain to any vehicle parts that are not originally sourced from the vehicle’s manufacturer. Sometimes, choosing to install aftermarket parts in order to save on the cost of repairs may void the vehicle’s warranty, depending on what part is in need of repair. For example, if your car needs a new alternator, you may save big by opting to choose Chevy aftermarket parts for from an independent auto shop, but only if you ensure your vehicle warranty does not list the alternator as a part that is required to be replaced directly from the dealership.

Pros of Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are typically less expensive, and many parts are equal to or greater in quality than the original manufacturer parts. They are also more readily available, since the majority of independent auto body shops stock them.

Cons of Aftermarket Parts

Since there is such an overwhelming selection of available aftermarket parts, without doing extensive research, there is an increased chance that you may purchase a part that has poor quality. Some parts also may not come with a warranty; it is recommended that you only work with an independent dealership that is trustworthy and has excellent reviews.

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Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

It is much easier to choose your part if you go to your dealership, simply because the manufacturer often only makes one type. The part will function exactly as it did before it needed a repair, and most original manufacturer parts come with a warranty. However, these types of parts might be more expensive.


Keep in mind that original manufacturer parts may not necessarily be more superior in quality than aftermarket parts, and that they might have to be ordered before the repair can be made. This could result in an extended delay in repairing your vehicle.