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Superlinks Display Advertising Network Review


What is Superlinks Advertising Network?

Superlinks is a display advertising service provider used to serve small and large publishers with CPM based ad units of many kinds for their desktop and mobile blogs, content websites, forums, news sites, communities, resource websites, e-commerce or any other type of sites where these ad units can be placed and monetize the traffic.

Superlinks is a division of AdManage S.A. and was created to offer creative and new advertising formats for publishers to be able to earn highest CPM rates for their ad inventories through ad exchanges. It is focused with the goal of increasing the publisher’s ad revenue from 125% up to 300% with most profitable tools for monetizing your website’s ad space.

Superlinks is partnered with Doubleclick ad exchange by Google, OpenX, and Appnexus to serve only best brands within the ad tag.

superlinks review

Eligibility Requirements for Superlinks Publisher

There are no such hard requirements to become a superlinks publisher as the network is built for all types of publishers, big or small, but it needs quality website traffic to quality content on your website. There is no such required monthly visitors thing, but it does have some content policies which states for no violent, mature or non-safe content on your website, existence of which may not approve your application to Superlinks.

Traffic sources which are not allowed are traffic from the torrent, file sharing, and adult sites and the traffic must be gained primarily from organic sources.

Monetization Tools by Superlinks

  1. Super Exit Links
  2. Super Display Ads
  3. Super Interstitial
  4. Super Footer
  5. Super Tower

1. Super Exit Links

It converts all the links on a page to super exit links where if a user clicks a link, it shows a banner advertisement for 35 seconds before going to the destination page. The user may also skip the ad in between.

2. Super Display Ads

Place the display ad banners of any size on your website which analyzes the user’s past browsing behaviour and the type of content on that page before delivering the right and relevant ad to the user after collecting bids from thousands of advertisers for that inventory.

3. Super Interstitial

A super interstitial ad appears before displaying website’s content. It is similar to super exit links where the user can skip or view the ad for 35 seconds.

4. Super Footer

The ad is displayed on the footer area of the website which is related to the content and user’s pattern of visits to other sites across the web. It easily catches the attention of the visitor and so is good for the advertisers. The ad can be a display or text based ads.

5. Super Tower

High paying 160 x 600 skyscraper ad units appear alongside the content on both sides of the web page.

Features of Superlinks Network

  • As superlinks is associated with Appnexus, OpenX, and Google, all geos are covered worldwide.
  • As per Superlinks recommendations, ad units should not be placed in popups, pop-unders, exit windows or other similar methods.
  • After you were approved for Google Ad exchange program by applying for it within Superlinks, you would get to have Google ADX DoubleClick ad units on your website which would increase your earnings definitely by many times. As per Google ADX rule, you may have up to 5 ad tags on your site. The units have DoubleClick ads and Google AdSense ads as backfill.
  • Superlinks pay out on Net 35 basis, that is after 35 days of the current month.
  • It gives you the following payment options: PayPal, wire, and Payoneer.
  • The minimum monthly threshold is $100 for PayPal and Payoneer and $500 for wires.
  • You can monetize the desktop website, mobile view and mobile apps with superlinks display ads.

Here is an official video brought up by Superlinks Network.

 How to Get Started

  1. Apply now to the Superlinks advertising network for free.
  2. If you are approved for the network, you would get an email from them and you can start monetizing your inventories from there on.
  3. Go to ‘My Widgets’ and click on ‘Add New Widget’ to create a new ad widget of your choice.superlinks add new widget
    If you choose to create a new super display ad widget, enter your widget name, website to be placed on and the ad unit dimension.superlinks add super display
  4. As soon as the widget is approved, just copy the ad code and apply on your blog.
  5. For all the widgets you created, either for super display or for the super exit, you will find all those in ‘Widget Manager’.
  6. For Google ADX ads, find the Google Signup URL within the Superlinks dashboard and fill in the form and wait for the approval from Google.
  7. With the approval, you would be taken into the Google DoubleClick ad exchange program after some time and from a point you would see your eCPM rise appreciably.


Superlinks seems to be a very profitable ad exchange network with great customer support for any help and you would definitely see your advertising revenue increase.

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30 thoughts on “Superlinks Display Advertising Network Review

  1. sahil says:

    Hi admin as per your suggest i have apply ads on my website i run the ads whole day but did not get a single penny. my daily traffic is around 9000 visitors is there a traffic requirement to for the website like they only accept united states traffic not asia?

    • Sarvesh Chandra says:

      Hello Sahil,
      it is not that the network only credit for visitors from certain countries like U.S. The ads adjust automatically according to the location and other aspects.
      There would be no issue regarding traffic requirements. If you are approved for Superlinks and granted their widgets, you are in.
      It is just that you have to give some time to the network for it to gather just enough information so as to start showing you the details/report and update your earnings for every such days you have their ads running on your site.

  2. texas comtech says:

    Sisterads paying $20 eCPM i think currently this is good paying network. I am using for 3 months, it’s payment cycle NET-7 If you like pop-up ads you should try it. it`s good network for publishers average eCPM rate $10-15 and not below $5.
    Skype: sisterads

    • Sarvesh Chandra says:

      Superlinks pay for impressions per ad space and not on the number of clicks as you can see it on their reports. But, at the same time, as there would be some valid clicks on their ads, there would be some return of investment (ROI) to their respective advertisers. More the clicks (genuine), more benefit to the advertisers, and therefore higher bidding to your ad space. This will ultimately result in higher eCPM and increased earnings to you.
      Talking about the average CPM rate, it all depends on your traffic quality, page rank and also on your content quality. It generally averages around $0.3 to $1.0 and higher for Google DFP program ads.

  3. muhammed anees says:

    I’m using superlinks in my blog Things are great all the way now and waiting for the first payment…

  4. Avinash says:

    Very Good I guess superlinks is best alternative after Google Adsense. I will try it hope i get approved easily. because adsense are very cruel to approve. Thanks For Sharing It.
    Here is My Site: & I will Try on both Blogs.

  5. Sukhraj Singh says:

    hey i am a publisher of superlinks since december 2014. i have above $750 in my account and my dec 2014 payment is pending since 5th Feb 2015 i have contacted them they didn’t even reply me and now m not able to access my account even. if any one from superlinks please lookinto this isssue.

  6. says:

    Its been almost a week iam not able to login in to my account in superlinks, i have raised two tickets but without any luck. i have reached minimum payout amount a week ago. Are they genuine?

  7. Rahul says:

    I need some help here regarding superlinks.

    1. Superlinks pays through paypal and i found while searching on Google that paypal don’t allow this for India. No personal Payment through paypal in India. Then How to receive payment? Please give me suggestion if you have some experience here.

    2. No reports since I added ad code on my site. Not getting reply from support forum as well. What to do? I am also approved by Adversal. Is Adversal better than Superlinks? Should I use their ad?

    • Sarvesh Chandra says:

      Hello Rahul,
      1. Yes, there may be some issue regarding paypal for indian users, but as of now, I do not see any problem of payments from Superlinks and foreign networks in my paypal account. All my received payments to paypal are transacted properly into my bank account without no issue. If you do not want to receive payments through Paypal, there is another option of Payoneer instead of Paypal, so you can definitely continue with your superlinks ads.
      2. As i said, there is a common problem of delayed reports, so you have to wait after creating your account and implementing their ads on your site and this also applies to their support. Adversal is different from it in the sense that it allows you to add your site and shows you the bidding status from its advertisers for your site. The more higher the bid, the more you get and it depends on the overall quality and traffic to your site. Superlinks get you the ads from Google Doubleclick for publishers and thus is more relevant to your page content and has more potential earnings. So, Adversal is also a good option for anyone if there is no approval from superlinks.

  8. MK says:

    Just writing this comment for the benefit of other users – The earnings finally did show up, however I had to write to their support and they kind of updated the data. Also, I think it is not based on impressions. The earnings correspond to only clicks. If there are no clicks then no earnings. I am yet to receive any payments from them though.
    Also note – Their reports are never updated on weekends.


    • Sarvesh Chandra says:

      Superlinks is a great advertising service but it is a common problem that they can even take a month to deliver you with your analytics report for your website in the beginning. I would say, check your site’s approval status and contact their support directly via email instead of the support tickets and ask them if everything is working correctly.

  9. MK says:

    Well, even after 5 days, I dont see any earnings even though there are more than 30K impressions. I am now getting worried as I removed my Chitika and infolinks ads in favour of superlinks.

    I tried creating a ticket and sending an email to superlinks – but no response on either 🙁

    • Sarvesh Chandra says:

      Hello Jinka, sometimes there tends to be some delay in reporting of earnings data on Superlinks dashboard with tracking of impressions on work before the final earnings report. As your ad tags might be new for your website, I suggest you to give it some time. You may call Superlinks Support for this issue at [].

  10. Supam CB says:

    Superlinks approved my application for publishing their ads in my blog within a day. But it seriously sucks when providing the final approval for getting the widget code. My question is why should they accept request on the first place if my blog does not meet their requirements. Never happened with any other networks. Even Google Adsense team reveals the reason politely why they rejected my application. Truth is – “Superlinks is not a steady ad network, and thus unreliable.”

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