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Consumer Electronics Deals on

Consumer Electronics Deals on

It goes by its name. All the latest deals and discounts on Tech goodies come to this place. Exploring the site, you can spot all the latest deals and coupon codes running in the online market at the moment. It covers all the tech verticals like laptops, cameras, monitors, TVs, drones, smartphones, and other similar categories.

Much like store discount cards or coupon paper cuttings, the deals on TechGoodness are displayed in the form of cards i.e. every offer is a card and every card holds the necessary details a user would want to know.

So, for a card, you can check its start date, when it would end, how much savings does it hold for a user, which product category does it belongs to, is there any conditions or terms or not, user upvotes and downvotes, an option to save for later check, comment/rate in the comments area and share on the social media. With those things in place, it also becomes easier for the website to collect all the relevant offers together and present them to the user.

Basic Features

The website provides users to filter out offer cards on product categories, merchants/stores, product brands and deal types such as category coupon, product coupon, free shipping, deal of the day, etc. As all the tech goodies have these certain attributes, filtering out cards on such properties helps in finding the right offers quickly for the users.

The filter feature navigates across product category pages, different merchant pages, and different product brand pages.

The search feature finds cards that have the search keywords in it. A user can search along with filter options too.

TG Score: A score to measure the quality of an offer. It takes into account all the upvotes, downvotes, comment ratings, etc.

A user can comment or leave feedback to an offer in the comments area. It also has the option to upvote or downvote other users’ comments. This helps in bringing the top comments on the top.

The save feature can be used by clicking on the star icon placed on the card. It saves the card in the saves page under the user’s account. If the user is not logged in, the save feature saves in the user’s browser cache.

Special Features

Top 100: This page collects top 100 offers and ranks them according to the TG score. It includes all the offers running on the website in real-time.

Any user can submit offers on the submit offer page. This helps a user contribute his offer and let other users on the website to use and save.

User Account

A visitor to the website can sign up to become a member of the website who could save offers that can be accessed from his/her account’s saves page or post new offers and track their performance.

With a user account, alerts and email subscriptions can be easily managed.

Social Profiles

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Twitter: twitter/tech_goodness