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The Ultimate Guide to Buy a Refurbished iPad in Singapore

The Ultimate Guide to Buy a Refurbished iPad in Singapore

Apple iPad has created a separate fan base for itself in the tech market owing to its leading-edge technology. With newer flagships coming out every year, everybody can’t afford to buy a brand new iPad. But at the same time, refurbished iPads are attracting people from all spheres of life. There’s a tremendous demand for refurbished iPads as the latest gadgets from Apple are expensive enough to burn a hole in one’s bank account.

Therefore, in this world of smart gadgets, customers also have to make smart decisions. Instead of getting carried away in this new technological buzz, you can take the refurb route and save your hard-earned money.

There are many other benefits of refurbished devices besides cheaper price. Another disguised benefit of these refresh iPads is that it might meet your needs and benefit the environment by not ending up in landfills. Let’s look at everything we need to know about buying a refurbished iPad and decide is it worth investing in or not!

Basics of Refurb route 101:

In simple words, refurbishment is the process of restoring used electronic products. Therefore, it is a cheap alternative to buying new devices. Slightly used devices with or without some issues pass through an evaluation process by certified resellers based on product salvageable level. Worthy products are repaired and rigorously tested until and unless they’re perfect to be of certain value for potential buyers.

At the end of the day, it is quite clear that the refurb route will help you save a lot of money but buying from the right place will save one’s sanity.

Pros of buying a refurbished iPad:

  • Obviously cheaper than buying a new one!
  • No qualms about internal damage due to rigorous testing procedures, which makes sure the device works like a brand new.
  • Usually, most refurbished products come with some kind of warranty, especially high-end brands like Apple. This might not be the case when buying used products.
  • Refurbished iPads from certified resellers often come with a guarantee. Although not all Apple retailers will offer a money-back guarantee.
  • Buying a refurbished iPad could benefit the environment too. As it not only dampens the landfill issue but is also good on certain other parameters as significantly less energy, labor. Moreover, the refurbishment process also requires less material consumption. This is not the case while manufacturing a new product.
  • Resellers will set about minor cosmetic damages during the refurbishment and will send a new-looking product your way. If some cosmetic issues are beyond preserving, then they generally list such issues in the item description column.

Cons of buying a refurbished iPad:

But like every coin has two faces, similarly buying refurbished iPads has a certain downside too. The two important disadvantages of buying refurbished iPads are as follows:

  • Customization woes: You cannot alter your tablet experience due to the scope of limited customization possible with refurbished iPad. Apple doesn’t allow for some apps to appear in the App store. This results in incompatibility and unavailability of some apps for the iPad.
  • Expandability options: The iPad doesn’t support flash drives to increase storage capacity. And to store apps, you can’t simply access the hard drives or cloud storage in this case. So, if you run out of storage space, you may have to delete some applications.

Other FAQs related to Refurbished iPads:

Changes during the Repair-Refurbishment process: These products go through many changes if required to be completely free of defects. Before the testing stage, the repair stage begins. With multiple repairs ranging from a simple screen or faulty cord replacement to complete internal-external cleaning. Reputed resellers will do all these repairs to a refurbished iPad. Some companies might even unlock iPads during the process, although this isn’t always true.
Safe to use or not: Safety aspect can be multidimensional, ranging from data security to environmental safety. But the answer to all these safety aspects is- yes! We are already familiar with the environmental aspect, but data security is also equally important. Refurbished iPads are completely cleaned of user data during the process.

Refurbished v/s Used: There’s a difference between these two terms. Refurbished may start as a used but repairs and testing procedures improves the performance level. Plus warranty and guarantee offer make them more lucrative. On the other hand, used devices can pose to be risky ventures as internal problems and lack of genuine repairs are not worth buying.

Buying a ‘refurbished’ iPad may seem like a dicey proposition for many of us, but it isn’t unsafe at all if bought from a reputable retailer. And when you’re in gadget paradise, aka Singapore, you have hit a jackpot. In Singapore, many retailers are selling refurbished and pre-owned devices with a huge inventory. Don’t forget to check these bargain deals when you decide to buy an iPad.