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Useful Tips to Beat the Summer Heat in your Car

Useful Tips to Beat the Summer Heat in your Car

Travelling without air conditioning, in the intense summer heat  is a big deal, but following tips would get you some relief, reaching your destination. It is difficult starting your engine with the AC down and temperatures touching 45 to 47 or 48-degree celsius, but you may have some techniques to help in minimizing the high temperatures.

summer heat

Photo by Ian Sane

1. Have a Portable Fan

Portable fans can be very handy in such situations, where you want air to circulate inside your vehicle. Put it on the car vents or make it stand on the dashboard, and connect it with the power outlet of your car. Switch it ON whenever you go out.

2. Use Sunshade in Summer Heat

Block the direct sunlight to enter your car through windshields. It is very useful in protecting you from 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun.

3. Park in Shade

Park your car in some cool place under shade so that the cabin does not get hot with the trapped heat. An underground parking lot would be good for shade as well as proper parking and safety.

4. Wear Light color clothes

Dark color wears get heat attracted to it and make you feel uneasy, but with lighter clothes, you would feel somewhat less heat on you.

5. Keep the Windows Down

Get the air circulate inside your car with the windows scrolled down. The temperature would not rise and you get a comfortable ride all through the journey.

6. Plan Time for your Drive

If possible, plan your time out at comparatively cooler times of day and avoid afternoon duration of maximum temperatures.


The above ideas may give you some relief in saving you and your car from the intense summer heat at peak times during summer when the air conditioner is down or needs a repair to get it to work.