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5 Reasons you should choose a Refurbished iPhone

5 Reasons you should choose a Refurbished iPhone

Apple is the world’s largest IT Corporation by revenue and total assets, manufacturers’ iPhone which in turn is among the best smartphones in the world. In this race of the latest and greatest gadget, Apple launches a new model of these phones each year which are by all means offer unparalleled technology desired by all. But the only limitation that many of us face is the highly exorbitant price tag attached to these devices.

Currently, iPhones are no longer only technological essential but have become a great social status measure for many. Therefore, if you are on a budget to buy your next Smartphone and can’t even think about burning a hole in your pocket but nonetheless aspire to get an iPhone, a solution might possibly fulfill your wishes, my friend. Here’s an article on why you would love to have an iPhone 6 Plus. A certified ‘refurbished’ model can be the best option and perhaps why so, let’s try to understand for the following reasons.

Advantages of buying a refurbished iPhone

1. Money matters

By taking the refurb route, one can save himself from spending a fortune as refurbished phones are affordable as compared to brand new ones. This is possible due to the fact that any refurbished phone can’t be sold as new. But this diminished price tag doesn’t compromise on any kind of quality or performance of the device for that matter.

Refurbished devices generally have certain cosmetic issues rendering them unfit to be sold in the premium market. Another added advantage comes in the form of a lack of expensive phone contracts which are usually attached to brand new phones. As phone companies usually get customers signed up to a 12 month or more phone contract which we don’t have to worry about while buying a refurbished iPhone.

2. Planetary action

Another exemplary benefit of purchasing a refurbished iPhone is that it is an environment-friendly alternative. As nowadays with the advent of technology, cell phones are being upgraded regularly at short intervals (generally 6-12 months). Refurbished phones are recycled products, indicating that they stay out of landfills and further inhibiting more damage to the environment. Therefore, this positive environmental response has a strong impact on these types of transactions.

Further, it also decreases the demand for generating new products which in turn saves not only raw material as well as lots of energy. By choosing refurbished phones, we can also contribute to our planet’s wellbeing.

3. Lower defect rate

Another point to note is that the refurbished iPhones are always displayed with new working components as the concerned problem areas have been worked upon. Faulty parts are taken care of and better ones are installed so that the phone functions like a brand new one.

It is the responsibility of developers to handle all the previous glitches and to make sure that every area is addressed. Hence, the customer ought to get a phone with more reliable software as well as hardware. All this testing and repairing leads to lower defect rate as compared to new phones.

4. Warranty

When refurbished iPhone is bought from a reputable dealer, an additional warranty is generally attached to the purchase. This safety cocoon provided by warranty gives the customer peace of mind and assurance for tackling issues that may arise within the warranty period. Most refurbished iPhones have a warranty of 60 days regardless of the condition. Moreover, certified resellers won’t trouble their customers with complicated warranty terms and conditions.

5. Hardware issues

Serious hardware issues can be avoided by choosing this alternative. As millions of us rush straight towards buying these shiny toys whenever a latest version is launched. Many of them might not experience issues with the latest versions but this is not always the case.

If we follow this latest Smartphone race diligently, we will notice that many premium brand smartphones have experienced hardware glitches (e.g. bend gate). But luckily, none of these apply to refurbished products. As such issues are eliminated during the refurbishment process.

6. Source (Bonus reason)

A lot of people might want to get rid of their old iPhones whenever a newer version lands in the market. But such devices can’t be bought and sold to/from everybody. The best source of acquiring these devices is to buy from a certified refurbisher or approved seller. They tend to be a more reliable source and trustworthy than buying from a friend. Furthermore, these refurbished iPhones prove to be much safer as compared to buying used devices.

Now, like for a refurbished smartphone, you should also know what to ask for while purchasing a used laptop or what are the necessary tips to buy a used camera gear.

Critical areas borne in mind while buying a refurbished iPhone:

  • Battery: As we know iPhones have an impressive battery life, but continued use weakens the battery. Therefore, it becomes important to make sure that your refurb iPhone has decent battery life. Otherwise, the battery replacement option needs to be undertaken.
  • Memory: Since earlier iPhone versions had little memory, it becomes important for customers to choose a model with an appropriate memory size depending upon the usage.
  • Screen damage: It is best suggested to look out for any visible screen damage. So, it is better to choose a refurbished phone whose screen visibility and performance you find satisfactory enough.


By considering a refurbished iPhone you can potentially get your hands on an affordable and reliable device. By taking this less traveled road at the end of the day you have everything to gain and little to lose.

Lastly, If you decide to get one then don’t forget to check out the laptop factory outlet website for some cool collection and amazing deals on refurbished gadgets you can get your hands on in Singapore. Prefer their quality and comfort over anything else.